"We must learn to mould the land so that nature and people can both thrive."

- Richard Forman, professor of landscape ecology, Harvard

We provide natural solutions to landscape challenges

Recapture the Beauty, Value, and Function of Your Land and Water Resources

Alteration of our native woodlands, wetlands, and prairies have eroded diverse landscapes and stolen their complex beauty. By restoring native plant communities, we can reduce maintenance costs, increase property value, and bring back the vibrant colors, seasonal interest, and native wildlife that enrich the present and build for the future.

Tallgrass Restoration, LLC ® is the Natural Choice

Tallgrass Restoration ® has been serving the Midwest region for over a decade. Along the way, our staff and resources have grown in both quantity and quality to exceed our clients’ growing ecological needs.

Our environmental scientists and licensed professionals have the experience and qualifications to restore your property to its natural state. Our cost-effective projects for public and private customers range from backyard lots to vast acreages. We are committed to establishing ecologically sustainable landscapes that benefit the larger environment, and enrich the natural heritage of people, plants and animals.

Tallgrass Restoration ® forms and participates in collaborative professional teams, working on a range of environmental projects concerned with the preservation and restoration of natural resources. Improving the ecology and native habitats of the Midwestern United States is our primary focus. Project teams are assembled to provide ecological restoration services including stewardship, native plant installation, wetland delineations, erosion controlinvasive species controlprescribed fire, land planning and rain gardens.

Thank you for your interest and continued support!